Website statistics since the relaunch of my blog

in Life & Thoughts
People are always interested to know which of my posts get the most traffic, so I thought I would share some of that with you today.

It is very interesting when looking at the statistics to see what people actually care about…turns out in my case, you care about me, my heart and my thoughts. The most popular posts by far are the ones where I bare my soul a bit (or a lot).

Below is a quick overview of the statistics during the last 3 months since relaunching my blog in June. Ha ha strangely enough the most popular post is still one I did last year about making my own DIY Exercise Top – this post alone has brought me so much traffic! Then the post about the relaunch of my blog, Ready for Round Two, got all of you clicking away – thanks guys, love the love. In 3rd place is the post I did about the hidden gem Boere Sjiek, coffee shop and interior shop all in one.

Also when looking at the categories, the attention is clearly on my Life & Thoughts, then Sip & Bite where I write all my restaurant reviews and then Adventure,

I have not added so much to this category recently, which would contribute to it only coming in 3rd whilst when I travel a lot this category moves into 1st or 2nd place.


I love and appreciate everyone that comes to visit my blog so much and it’s always fun to see where my readers are from – basically all over the world! The majority of you are in the 3 countries that I have spent the most time in i.e. South Africa, USA and UK with some honorable mentions to France, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands.

Then the cities in the top 10 being from Cape Town, London, Dallas, Johannesburg, New York, Stellenbosch, Boston, Los Angeles, Pretoria and even Soweto. Some other stats are that most of my traffic comes from Facebook & Pinterest, so thanks to everyone who follows me there!

Based on these stats I will definitely be getting a bit more personal on the blog, as well as including some DIY projects and travel posts! Please let me know if there is anything specific that you would like to ask me or for me to post about.