Palace of Versailles

in Adventure
The Palace of Versailles as we know it now was completed in 1680. I have always loved history, so from an early age had a fascination with the French court and especially Marie Antoinette & Louis XVI. Thus a visit to their home was at the top of my France wishlist.

We arranged our day to Versailles through a tour – definitely the best way.

They pick you up, drop you off, you skip the queue and they guide you through the palace in 2 hours and then you have time to explore by yourself and go on additional smaller tours if you wanted. I can’t recall the price exactly but remember thinking it was pretty decent.

It is about 1 hour out of Paris so we went early in the morning so that we could be back in Paris by lunch time and so not lose an entire day. It was well worth the time though – I loved every minute!

The palace is smaller than what I thought, although don’t get me wrong – it is huge, I guess reading about it and on pictures I somehow thought it would be bigger. It is meticulous and intricate in every detail and their recreation of the rooms and decor of that period is spectacular!

It was simply mesmerising walking into the rooms where history had been made, I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in history and a passion for architecture and decor – WOW!