To the most amazing woman in the world!

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Today is my mom’s birthday! HAPPY HAPPY!

I wish I could tell you how old she is turning, but she would kill me ;-) even though you would never believe it when I tell you because she looks SO amazing!

I know that I am really blessed to have such a wonderful mom and for us to have the kind of relationship that we do.I always thought (naively I suppose) that everyone was as close to their mothers as I am, but as I get older I realise more and more what a special bond we have and how fortunate I am to be loved so unconditionally.

I adore my mom more than anyone else in the world and am so excited to be celebrating her big day with her in style tonight!

Mag die Here jou seen met nog baie birthdays met my! MWAH lief vir jou so baie mamma xxx

I have to give credit for the beautiful photographs to Cindy Taylor!