The Ship

in Sip & Bite
Founded in 1786 on the banks of the River Thames, The Ship truly is an institution of South West London! It’s reputation for being the “Caprice of London” preceded it and upon arrival and seeing all the bodies crammed into the bar area, live music blaring and the sound of laughing – this was spot on (except no half naked sunburnt model wannabes drinking champagne to be seen anywhere, what a pity).

The idea was to go for a good ol’ pub dinner and then proceed to the bar and join in the Sunday madness that was unfolding in the next room, what happened was quite different. 5 hours later, we have finished EVERY SINGLE bottle of South African wine they had in the restaurant, feasted on 3 courses of absolutely amazing food and closed down the restaurant – never even setting foot in the bar! Ha ha, really a super fun evening with great friends! Let’s do it again!

FOOD TIP: I tried a Scotch Egg for the first time and loved it! I have been told by others that it’s usually not so great, but at The Ship they were moist and tasty and I could easily have had more! So if you are ever there, give them a try!