Tattoo Time Again

in Life & Thoughts
Last year my best friend and I got friendship tattoos. This is something we had wanted to do for as long as we could remember and just before I left for America we decided to take the plunge and do it! You can read the full article here. The evening of this blessed event turned out to be quite traumatic, mostly because both of our boyfriends at the time were not supportive of our decision to do this – interesting to note that neither of them are still in our lives and yet our friendship is closer than ever.

This time around, to get our tattoos touched up i.e. made darker, the atmosphere was completely different – calm and loving.

Unfortunately this meant that without all the adrenaline from last year’s drama, the actual process of getting the tattoos were MUCH more painful this time around! OUCH!

Our tattoo artist, Clinton, was great and indulgent of all the photos and questions. I swear he has never had 2 more out of place people inside Skintrade Tattoos and was very amused by all our antics.

Another special memory for me and Megan, and the start of a gorgeous day together. I love you so much my sister xxx


Watch this video of my pre-tattoo interview with Megan: