Tate Modern

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My first visit to this gallery … hard to believe it has taken me so many years to finally get here! The reason that prompted this visit was the Roy Lichtenstein exhibition they were showcasing. I have been a fan of his work since learning about him in art history in school and was not about the pass up an opportunity to see his work in person. My best friend, Clare, joined me and we spent a good 3-4 hours discovering all that the Tate had to offer.

We bought a ticket that allowed us access to 2 exhibits, the above mentioned and A Bigger Splash, which is a compilation of artwork by various artists. We saw “A bigger splash” by David Hockney as well as a painting by Jackson Pollock and a self-portrait Polaroid of Andy Warhol – all very cool to see, but I must say the Roy Lichtenstein exhibition completely stole the show! It was a huge collection of his work ranging from paintings to sculptures, all the famous pieces was there – I highly recommend that anyone who appreciates his work make a plan to see this exhibit.

After some serious art viewing me were famished and headed to the Restaurant at Tate Modern on Level 6 with a spectacular view of the River Thames and St. Paul’s Cathedral – if you are ever at the Tate, be sure to pop in here! I took a leisurely stroll back to the train station by taking the Millennium Bridge across the river, in spite of the cold it was totally worth it!


Collection of images from my visit



Restaurant at Tate Modern and the beautiful views