Stellenbosch Village Museum

in Adventure
I was visiting some friends in Stellenbosch the other day and we decided to ‘be cultured’ for the day and do some exploring of the historical sites in the area. The best place for that is no doubt the Stellenbosch Dorp Museum, ‘dorp’ means ‘village’ in Afrkaans. The museum covers 5000m² of land and consists of 4 buildings that showcases the lifestyles of people living in Stellenbosch from 1709 until 1877.

We visited these 4 dwellings, the first was Schreuderhuis which is one of the first houses every built in Stellenbosch, very modest with furniture and household objects from the period 1690 – 1720. The second home we viewed was Blettermanhuis – build by Hendrik Lodewyk Bletterman and is a typical 18th Century Cape house with 6 gables and an H-ground plan. The furnishings in this house represents that of a wealthy Stellenbosch home between the years 1750 – 1780.

The next house was Grosvenor House built in 1782 by Christian Ludolph Neethling and added to by subsequent owners. It is an outstanding example of a 2-storeyed, flat-roofed partitian town house very popular during that time in Stellenbosch and Cape Town. The house is furnished in the prevailing styles of that time 1800 – 1830. The final house on our tour was the home of O M Bergh – it is a typical example of a 19th Century house and the interior reflects the tastes of the period 1840 – 1870.