Steak & Co

in Sip & Bite
WOW one of my best London discoveries to date. Being South African I am all about the meat and can truly appreciate a good medium to rare steak! My mom and I met up with my brother in London, in the West End and wondered around looking for a place to have some lunch at.

Never one to shy away from a big plate of food my brother spotted Steak & Co and suggested we go there. The waiters were Spanish (and also quite gorgeous) and warmly invited us inside. Of course there was no doubt about what we would have (steak, in case you were uncertain) although we were faced with some tough decisions regarding this.

For each steak you order you have to pick your butter (garlic, parsley, paprika etc), your sauce (Béarnaise, red wine, pepper etc) and lastly your spice (salt, herbs, chilli etc), this is more fun than you can imagine! Then they bring you your steak cut on a sizzling plate and you cook it as ‘well done’ or not as you want! Pretty much the best thing ever! I highly recommend this place!!