in Concert Club

On my first visit to Dallas in November of 2010 we went to a Stars concert, they are probably one of my all time favourite bands! I love their songs and lyrics. I felt so moved by their performance then and it has become a bit of a couple thing for Robert and me as it was the first concert we saw together.

So when I found out that they are playing in Dallas again, at the same venue and that the last show they played at wa sthe one we saw in 2010 we just had to go! Tina, Robert’s sister joined us for the concert at the Granada. WOW it was good, just like last time they sounded exactly like they do on their album, the female vocalist has the most amazing voice. They were promoting their new album The North so it was a nice mix of old and new songs.

They did such a good show, we sang along to all the songs and the crowd was loving it! The recording above is of my favourite song of theirs!