Some of my favourites

in Life & Thoughts
Since I have been back from the states, I have had to change my beauty regime as the Eclos products I was using there isn’t available in South Africa, unfortunately. I went on the hunt to find a replacement, wanting a skincare range that was as organic and natural as possible. I was very pleased to discover that Clarins didn’t use any ingredients of animal origin and incorporated plant extracts in their products – over all a very environmentally friendly company. I have started using their a variety of their products and so far have been really enjoying it as well as receiving more compliments about my skin recently than ever before.

I still use the Eclos Facial Scrub which is one of my favourite products of all time, it’s like microdermabration in a bottle! I have also recently started using BB cream, a crazy which has taken the beauty industry by storm and one that really suits my lifestyle. For those of you that don’t know what BB cream is, it stands for “beauty balm” and is like a super charged tinted moisturiser – packed with minerals and various other goodies to nurture your skin. I am currently using Garnier which it’s so light on my skin and makes it glow.

Another new brand in my life is La Prairie’s Life Threads Gold perfume – I am obsessed with it, it’s such a unique scent and makes me happy every time I smell it. I needed a new scent as all my other perfumes reminded me of my past and it was time for a change!

So that’s it for me and my favourite things today, just thought I would share some of my new finds with you.