Soju Korean Restaurant

in Sip & Bite
I am crazy about Korean food, I love the interesting taste combinations and freshness as well as the spiciness! I have been visiting the Soju Korean Restaurant for almost 4 years now. They recently moved their location to a a lovely little place in Sea Point Main Road. So we went to go check it out!

I had my favourite Dolsot bibimbap – which is a hot pot that continues cooking as you eat out of it. Inside is a mixture of rice with vegetables and either meat or fish, then at the last minute they crack a raw egg on top – simply the most tasty and delicious dish ever! The best part of this feast is that it comes with a selection of side dishes like kimchi.

If you ever feel like trying something new and healthy give this place a try! They cater particularly well to sharing meals and have a variety of traditional and more modern dishes to pick from. When they bring your bill they always include some exotic fresh fruit to end off the experience! Love it!