Shimmy Beach Club

in Sip & Bite
I have been to Shimmy’s 3 times since they opened up and each time I have been really impressed by their food but I never really got their ambience…I feel the venue is too huge and soulless. Tables upon tables of people sitting in what feels like a warehouse, there is no warmth.

Once we went for lunch and ordered champagne which was served warm, really unacceptable and most of my friends were underwhelmed by their food – I ordered the veal lemone which was amazing! We went outside to the pool area and it had been taken over by toddlers, which is fine, but a place that gets promoted as a ‘posh’ venue shouldn’t transform into a creche during the day.

I hear their submerged sundays were a huge hit, I unfortunately never went but also heard some people say that it was way too crowded and that it was near impossible to get drinks – not ideal in my book. So all in all this is not my first choice when deciding on a venue for lunch or dinner.