in Concert Club

Last night we were told that Portland based electropop band Yacht would be playing at the Dada Club down the street from where we live. I couldn’t believe it as I have been a fan of their music, but living in Cape Town, the chances of a band like this ever playing there are slim to none.

We rocked up there – $10 cover charge (that’s like R80 – so nothing!) and we were greeted by the opening act called Zhora. WOW I have no words to describe the lead singers voice – something like Florence Welch, absolutely mesmerising.

After them Yacht came on stage and absolutely blew us away with their energy and stage presence. The lead singer Claire Evans has the most unusual deep voice that held us all captivated. Their set was an hour long and in a way it felt like we were in someone’s basement – it was unreal to see such a well known band play in such a low key venue. My favourite song they sang is the video I recorded in this post. As soon as the concert was done I wished that I could watch them again. If you ever have an opportunity to see them live – don’t miss it!