Rest in Peace Tata Madiba

in Life & Thoughts
I have been pondering over what I would write when this day came … would it be about how smart he was, wise beyond reason, how compassionate and empathetic or would it be about what he did for my country, the example he lead and the walls he broke through to get us where we are today, but ultimately I think it will be about the legacy he leaves behind. 

A legacy of patience, tolerance and understanding, one that makes you want to be a better human being, loving your fellow man and all that makes him unique.

I think if there is one honour we could bestow on this man it would be to live as he lived, with love in his heart for everyone.

South Africa, the world, lost one of it’s best today, thank you Madiba for sharing your light with us.

We love you and will do our best to make you proud.


I remember a day back in 1995, I was only 12 and my best friend and I got an opportunity through school to go and line a certain street where Nelson Mandela and Queen Elizabeth would be walking through Cape Town. We were told to wave and smile and when he walked just inches away from where we were standing, laughing and waving back – even just that small gesture, meant so much and is a memory I will always treasure! The pictures above are from that day.