Remember the Stillness

in Life & Thoughts
In the 4th installment of my philosophy notes we focus on being still and the potential that lies within it. Last week we spoke about the different levels of consciousness and how by engaging your senses you can go from sleep to awake. You should try and engage your senses as much as possible all through the day. Focusing on your senses also gives you an escape from your thoughts/worries/pain because you can’t think and sense at the same time. That is why often when people are going through a tough time you will notice that people encourage them to keep busy and exercise, to many of us that need comes naturally when things are difficult. It’s your body’s way of giving your mind a break.

Within everyone there are limitless resources to be pulled forth. When the need is clear, get still to access the resources to get it done. This graph below will show the formula nicely. Your inner resources are always there, but you require the stillness to bring it out. When there is an urgency or you are overwhelmed, be still – then you can do it, you will find the strength or knowledge etc. A good example is when dealing with new life of death where once you get still, and focus, you are clearing your mind of the clutter and zoning in on the solution, the strength, the courage etc.

This also works the other way around: when the need or opportunity is missing or you can’t see it – fall still and the answers will come, will be revealed. Those of us that are religious might recognize this also as prayer. It is very important to find the stillness in your day and know that is the space where your potential will come to the forefront. You can even think of random advice you have received in the past e.g. just breath or count to 10 – both of these examples allows your mind to focus and be clear.