Red Hot Chili Peppers

in Concert Club

I enjoy the RHCP music, but I am not their biggest fan so wouldn’t normally be that keen on seeing them live. I just thought that seeing as they are one of the biggest band in the music industry it would be silly of me to not take this opportunity to see them perform.

As I said in my previous post, Band of Skulls opened for them and that really set the tone for the entire show as when RHCP started playing they had us all captivated! I was truly amazed at their energy and enthusiasm and also surprisingly their professionalism. I don’t know if it was from reading Anthony Kiedis‘s autobiography Scar Tissue but I has the impression they would just come on stage and joke around, but they were so tight and on top of everything! It was an unforgettable performance, Cape Town you guys are in for a big treat!