Path to enlightenment

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This is the 3rd installment of my philosophy class notes, you can read the past lessons about wisdom here and about the Self here. Remember to ask the question “who am I?” as often as you can every day.

Below you can see an illustration depicting the path of enlightenment. You can see that the street lamps lights the road in some places and in others it’s dark – this is a great metaphor of how enlightenment comes and goes.

You need to pick a road (to enlightenment), a path that is as well lit as you can find, but when the dark parts are there, just keep moving towards the light and move as fast as you can. Also be the light within, when there is no external light – be your own light.


The mission in philosophy is to find/discover yourself. Confidence, clarity and courage are your rewards for doing this. Don’t accept of reject anything, test it out for yourself!

Without general awareness you can’t have self awareness. There are several levels of awareness which is shown in the graph below.

From the bottom it starts with your least aware state of deep sleep and goes all the way to the highest state of consciousness.


You should experience all of these states in your life, it is good and natural. To improve your day and your potential for a higher level of consciousness you need to improve the quality of your sleep. Sleep works in 90min cycles, so try to time your wake up time with repeats of 90mins and you will feel more well rested waking up naturally coming out of your REM cycle.

What exactly is a state of higher consciousness? It includes the fully awake state but MORE. You appreciate everything, there is an underlying sense of unity, peace and stillness.
Unity: mostly in life you feel separate, but in this state you feel at one with others or even with nature.
Peace: a pure heart that’s open, harboring no negative feelings – let it go.
Stillness: of the mind, an inner quiet.

A higher state of consciousness is not to be confused with that of an “altered” state. Usually brought on by chemicals, drugs (LSD), you are also fully awake but it’s a different experience to being in a higher state – it’s not a given.

You should try and have as many higher states on consciousness as you can – it is the birth right of every human being.