in Adventure
Paternoster is one of the oldest fishing villages on the West Coast of South Africa and a few weeks ago I got a wonderful opportunity to go there and stay for a weekend! My friends and I packed my car filled to the brink with food and drinks and took on the almost 2 hour drive to Paternoster.

We arrived after the sun had set so unfortunately had to wait until the next morning before we could see the beauty of this little village.

We stayed in the Mary & Joseph accommodation, each of us in our own little self catering unit – gorgeously decorated in keeping with the seaside atmosphere. See some pictures below:


Something really fun that we got to do the morning after we arrived was to go kayaking with Kayak Paternoster, an amazing 2 hour paddle around the rocks, looking at the bird life and taking in the breathtaking view of the coast.

I haven’t been on a kayak in years and my friend and I almost tipped over while riding the waves to get to the shore, but luckily those years of yoga and pilates core strength kicked in and we regained our balance! YAY!

The water was freezing, but luckily it was a wind still morning so we were able to paddle in quite far – I highly recommend this to anyone who would like to try something different.


After the kayaking, a delicious brunch and a little catnap, we went to explore the town and stopped in at the local gallery, owned by Dianne Green. This gallery was stocked with some amazing artworks, ceramics and just so many interesting things, but the thing that caught my eye, were the people doing pottery in the studio.

Not one to shy away from anything creative I promptly started making my own “something” – I say that because I am yet unsure as to what purpose exactly this will serve, but it’s just the shape that came to me…a heart, very surprising, I do love it and can’t wait for it to be glazed and ready for me to take home!

This experience made me happier than almost anything else has this entire year, for the rest of the day everyone said I had a “pottery glow” as I was on such a high after playing with the clay that I am now looking to start taking pottery classes here in Cape Town. HAPPINESS :-)