Onwards and Upwards

in Life & Thoughts
The last 2 or so months of my life has been filled with enough change to last any normal person a lifetime, but hey why do one thing when you can do 10 right!?! ha ha! Well that has pretty much been my credo recently.

Let me list some changes that I have undergone ….first is, I turned another year older, initially I wasn’t so thrilled with the idea as 31 sucked SO much but 32 so far has been pretty spectacular!

Secondly I moved in with my friend, whom I now loving refer to as my sister wife, she is amazing and I have never wanted to or thought that I could live with a friend but the whole experience has been simply wonderful! Also super convenient to be back in the ASB (Atlantic Seaboard) and near all my friends and work.

Speaking of work, I have also changed jobs! YAY! After 8 years at my old job and the safety and security of knowing everything about everything I have lunged myself into the heart of the top tier of digital advertising agencies in South Africa.

Loving the challenges and new faces, it goes without saying that this decision was of course petrifying! But as my favourite quote goes…be brave and mighty forces will come to your aid!

I have also bought an apartment! I know could this list get any more crazy! Feeling like a real grownup now and this was also a big deal financially which always adds pressure, but it was my goal to get my own place and now I have it! WHOOOP!

Further more I have also taken the first tentative steps into dating again which has been surprisingly fun and good for me. Not quite ready for anything too serious just yet but feeling more healed and open to things now.

It is strange when I think about the start of last year and how different my life was and the people that were in it and then fast forwarding to this time last year and remembering how broken and sad I was and all the loss I had experienced not only of the man I thought was the love of my life but of my best friend and sister whom I was sure would be by my side for my whole life…but things change and people change.

I know those are cliche’s but it’s because it’s the truth. Not having them in my life has opened up so much space for more worthy people to enter and I cannot have any regret about that.

So onwards and upward people, not just for me but for you too…I still cannot believe that I made it through last year and come out the other side, happier and wiser and better for it. Thanks again for the amazing souls that walked this journey with me – wow you have made it a fun ride!

In some last news, I am off to Europe in 2 weeks for the holiday of a life time so will be posting about many new restaurants and sights to see! Yayness! MWAH xxx