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Old Town City Hall

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When standing in the Old Town Square, this gorgeous historic building will be your main attraction. The Old Town City Hall was built in 1364, paid for by the duty levied on wine – how cool is that! The Town Hall consists of 2 prominent features, the first is the 70 meter tall tower (which we went up to – breathtaking views from the top of all of Prague) and the astronomical clock.

This clock is a big tourist attraction and every hour there are 2 doors that open on either side, and the 12 apostles march past – there are symbols to the clock to read up on and legend has it the clock maker Hanuš, who perfected the construction in 1490 was made blind by the city council to prevent him from making a more beautiful clock elsewhere.

The Town Hall is built in a combination of Renaissance and Gothic styles and boasts beautiful sgraffito from the 17th century. You don’t want to miss this building when you go to Prague, put 2 hours aside and just do it!



View from the top!