Noisy Oyster

in Sip & Bite
In anticipation for our visit to Paternoster we made a reservation at the famous Noisy Oyster for dinner. One of the most talked about restaurants up the West Coast and undeniably the best in Paternoster! It was a winter’s night so we got a big table right next to the fire outside under all the fairy lights. I laughed at their creative menu sections “flirting”, “foreplay” and “intercourse”! We all had starters that were delicious, I tried their fishcakes – really good!

For mains we were just as impressed, I had the steak – perfection, some had the pork belly and the seafood, everyone loved their choices! The service was efficient and they were very sweet to not charge us corkage on the 5 bottles of wine we brought with us. I love this restaurant and it’s casual vibe, even though it’s fine dining a a far cry from the usual beach seafood cafe! After our 4 hour long dinner and being the last patrons at the restaurant – we decided to take our leave and go try out another Paternoster institution – The Panty Bar.

Yes, you read correctly, there is a bar, around the corner from where we had dinner that is called The Panty Bar. The reason for this being that the entire roof and wall are covered in women’s underwear! How or why this started I can’t tell you, but it’s quite a sight to see! Apparently they take all the underwear down every few months and wash them and throw out the old ones and then start again ha ha! Have a look at the pics below. All in all a very fun night!