Night Market in Hout Bay

in Adventure,Sip & Bite
Last weekend I finally had a chance to go to the Bay Harbour Market, Hout Bay (very confusing name!). I know the market has been going for a while and most people have come back with glowing reviews! I really enjoyed it! Generally I am of the opinion that you can’t go wrong with good wine, fresh local food, music and late night shopping – so they would’ve had to really do something atrocious for me to be disappointed ;-)

We were very responsible and organised a shuttle bus to take us there, we arrived got some delicious chardonnay and walked around. The band, I forget their name, was great, singing cover songs like ‘fever’ and ‘at last’, creating a festive vibe! I very wisely restrained myself from shopping up a storm and instead focussed on all the food on offer!

We had some of the BEST biltong I have had in a long time, tried the pepper poppers (accent on PEPPER – I literally ended up crying, but loved it), soothed my palette with some pistachio ice cream, there was pizza and cheese bread sticks (Lauren my girl I will love you forever for getting me one) and craft beer and more wine. Super fun night out!