Love of Wisdom

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Last month I started taking philosophy classes. A very strange topic for me as I have never had ANY interest in that subject at all, but I thought why not. I have learned so much and discovered I actually know a lot about philosophy already, but just didn’t know that it formed part of this discipline. I would very much like to share what I have discovered with you – I will be doing 5 installments over the next few weeks. Hope you like it!

First thing you need to know, which I didn’t, was that the word “philosophy” means “philos = love of (something subtle)” and “sophy = wisdom” – so ‘love of wisdom‘.  What does it mean to ‘love’ or be ‘in love’ with wisdom? It means that you turn to it, you take it into consideration when making decisions and  living your daily life.

Some amazing philosophy quotes that really spoke to me: The more wisdom you dispense the wiser you become. Note that wisdom is SIMPLE, not simplistic. Ultimate happiness goes to those who live a natural and simple life. In order to be wiser you need to understand how wisdom comes about, this diagram below explains the process nicely.


Your goal should be to live a life that is more true and happy. The word “happy” can be replaced for “content” or “at peace”.

Some qualities that a wise person possesses is the following: they listen more than they speak, they offer clarity, they are moral, objective and non-judgmental, they are receptive and empathetic, offer insight and perspective, with an ability to infer, they can interpret, they are self-aware and also have knowledge.

In an effort to be more wise, when faced with a decision ask yourself “What would a wise person do?”. It’s not that there is a right answer necessarily, it’s more about asking the question and going through that thought process, so try and stay in that space (awareness) for as long as possible.

At the end of our first class they gave us this exercise to help us quiet our minds, our thoughts, to be still and just BE. The focus of class is for philosophy to be something practical that you can do and apply to your every day life, not just something you sit around and talk about. The first time I tried it this exercise, I fell asleep – oops. Tip to self don’t do this lying down! The 2nd time was much more successful and I felt great afterwards: