L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate 2014

in Occasion
I love birthdays and I love Christmas and the only other day that comes close to holding a flame next to those 2 is the L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate. It is a posh horseracing event that takes place in Cape Town every year!

The dress code is always the same, you have to look smart and wear blue and white. Everyone looks gorgeous and there are tones of media there to capture every stunning step!

It is always a big group of us and somehow regardless of everyone’s relationship status it ends up being a girls only day. We arrive just before lunch, get some amazing L’Ormarins Brut Classique and get to mingling!

This year we decided to place some bets, armed with tips, we put money down on a few different races and happy to say WE WON! It is unbelievable how much more invested you are in a race when there is a R100 riding on it ha ha.

You always bump into people that you haven’t seen since last year’s event, make new friends, sneak into the VIP and eventually dance the night away at the after-party!

The best reward the next day is getting my camera out and seeing all the beautiful pictures from the day before – bliss! If you haven’t yet been to the LQP make a plan! You won’t regret it!