Level of Reason

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Sorry I didn’t post this on my usual Wednesday slot, but I have been sick unfortunately, so now you are getting it on Friday and perhaps the best day for it as you can consider it this over the weekend!

Just to do a quick recap, last week I told you about being still and the power of stillness. How you need to steel and find those moments during your day to be still and recharge. Remember if the NEED is obvious and STILLNESS isn’t there your INNER RESOURCES can’t become visible or clear. If the need was missing, then go to stillness to identify it and manifest your potential.

We have also previously discussed the 4 Primary Functions of the Mind, being: Discursive (thinking) mind, Memory (emotionally charged),  Ego (not the real you, your marketing department) and lastly Intellect (judging, discerning). Your intellect is made up of 2 elements i.e. Intuition (gut feeling) and Reason (facts).

Both of these are natural and everyone has this ability, but it can be developed by being still and ask “what would a wise person do?” – and don’t let your discursive mind drown you out with noisy thoughts!

The ability to reason is considered the crown jewel of being a human being.

Reason is the faculty of the mind that is used to know what is good & right. But how do you ensure that the power of reason is used for good?

The below illustration will help me explain it to you and also show you where you fit into the bigger picture.


When looking at the bigger picture/sphere if it’s good for the universe i.e. recycling, then it will be good for you as the individual too. Or if it’s good for your family, then in turn that will be good for your society/nation and humanity as a whole – then since you are part of the family unit, then it will be good for you.

This is also a great way of showing how YOU and your ACTIONS can make a difference to the world, because you are a part of what makes up the world and it has a snowball effect. The ultimate end result of reason is for unity not division.

So that wraps up all my philosophy teachings for you. I will soon be starting another course and will then be sharing that with you as well. Hope you have learned something :-)