La Parada Bar de Tapas

in Sip & Bite
I visited La Parada in Bree Street about 3 months after they opened, I am a big believer in letting restaurants figure out any teething problems they might have BEFORE I step foot anywhere near them. And in this case I think it was a particularly good idea.

Most of the initial reviews I read stated that the decor and vibe of the venue was extraordinary, but that the food and service left you disappointed.

Since Dec I have been there 3 times, once with a big rowdy group drinking and eating tapas, another time a more intimate smaller group for dinner and finally for drinks during the day.

Each of these experiences were completely different. With the big group, taking up one of the long tables, we all ordered at different times and to separate bills, it was a packed Friday night and our waiter definitely seemed overwhelmed. I don’t think we made it very easy for him though and he kept his sense of humour but in terms of service it was not great. The tapas we ordered were good and tasty, although nothing too memorable…but the cocktails – yum!

It was on this first visit that we discovered their 2L jug of red berry Sangria, absolutely amazing and for R100 I think a very good deal! On my second visit we sat at one of the tables against the wall, much smaller group, more Sangria, some delicious spicy steak and calamari tapas and very good service!

My third visit comprised of more Sangria (ha ha noticing a definite trend here) sitting at the street side tables – this was also a fantastic experience. Loved the day drinking and seeing all the activity on Bree street, the service was great again!

So all in all I love this venue, I cannot wait to make an entire night out of it and go to their new downstairs club – Bunker Bar! I think it is definitely a drinks and party venue, ideal for before or after dinner, and if like me you are not too much of a fussy foodie you will really enjoy the food! I plan to go back again next week and have full expectations that my 4th visit will be even better than the last 3! Yay, keep it up!