KOI restaurant

in Sip & Bite
One of my best friends whom I haven’t seen this year very sweetly insisted on spoiling me for lunch and took me to Koi Restaurant. I knew about their recent launch and had heard that their sushi was amazing – and I was ready to eat as much of it as necessary to determine whether this was true or not.

Luckily for me it was! We ordered salmon roses (a must have), tempura prawn rolls with pineapple and cucumber (so delicious and refreshing) and the Koi Rock ‘n Roll (which was salmon and tuna, topped with caviar, drizzled, with sesame oil and spices – too yum for words).

We had some good wine, exchanged tales from the last few months and took in the magnificent view – although not a cheap lunch by any means I think most definitely worth it. I also liked the fact that even though their food could qualify as fine dining they have quite an informal vibe about them which was very nice and easy going.