Jersey Boys

in Concert Club

My mom treated us with tickets to this amazing show! Wow! Set in the 1950′s all the way through to today Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons have had an entertaining journey to become one of the big success stories out of New Jersey. Jersey Boys is a musical that you sing along to from beginning to end – I enjoyed it sooo much as I love the music from that era!

I know this show is touring all around the USA at the moment and probably showing in other countries too – if you like musicals DO NOT miss this one as you will love it!

Another bonus was seeing this show at the new opera house in Dallas called the Winspear Opera House. The architecture is so unique and beautiful! In the middle of the actual theater there is this huge and elaborate chandelier hanging down like 4 stories and as the show is about to begin the lights get retracted up into the ceiling – quite cool!