Inverdoorn Game Reserve

in Adventure
For Danielle’s first visit to Africa, we couldn’t let her leave without seeing some wild animals! Since I stay in Cape Town there are not as many game farms to pick from as in Johannesburg, but someone recommended Inverdoorn to me. I checked out their website, which was great and gave us a good idea of what to expect.

I have visited Aquila before so had something to compare this experience with. Overall I preferred Inverdoorn because they were more authentic.

First of all the staff were so friendly and made us feel very welcome and comfortable. They had some delicious snacks for us before we left for our safari. The grounds were also stunning with fynbos and cacti gardens but not too overboard on the whole “Africa” thing which can become a bit fake in my opinion.

Our safari tour guide was super passionate and very informed – I can actually say that I learned so much! The scenery during our drive was beautiful and we say the majority of the animals i.e. zebra, wilderbees, hippo, giraffe, lions, cheetahs, numerous deer and elephants.

The only animal that eluded us was the rhino, which was a pitty, but that sometimes happens when you do a game drive, especially in this environment where the animals have ample ground to roam and not caged just for viewing.

Once we got back to the reserve they served us a very tasty lunch, unlike the bulk flavourless food I have had at some other game farms, this was very good! We sat next to the pool and took in the gorgeous view after our relaxing day. They do offer weekend and over night safari trips but we just went through for the day and I think it was perfect for us!