HIKE: From Constantia Nek to the top of Table Mountain

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I am not exactly what you would call an ‘outdoorsy kinda girl’ – I love nature and being outside but more in the, let’s watch a concert while having an outdoor picnic OR drinking wine on the beach OR having a braai – you get the idea… BUT surprisingly I do enjoy a nice hike, especially if you can combine it with a reward of some kind i.e. a waterfall, pools or amazing view.

So when my friend Candace suggested that we do a walk to the dams on Table Mountain, we both (stupidly) didn’t realize they meant literally ON TOP of the mountain! So we googled the directions starting at Constantia Nek and thought that it would be a 2 hour experience, a nice relaxing morning activity – this turned out NOT to be the case!

The whole experience took over 5 hours and trust me when I say I was in torture for 4 of those – ha ha! Not being nearly fit enough the steep incline (all the way up) was really tough!

The breathtaking views and gorgeous dams, fauna and flora that you see on your way up and at the top is simply indescribable!

Take note that going down was almost worse than going up, you have to walk so slowly and carefully so as to not lose your footing, there had recently been heavy floods on the mountain which also made some of the routes very tricky to navigate, There are basically 2 ways to get to the top the longer and easier walking path and the faster, shorter but more difficult steps (this is of course the route we took! FML)

In hindsight this was an amazing experience and in between intense pain and what I can only describe as mild bouts of euphoria brought on by a lack of oxygen we had a REALLY great time and some unforgettable memories. I will however never do it again!

Some tips should you ever wish to do this hike:

  • make sure you have the right shoes, hiking/trail shoes or trainers at the least, flip-flops or your Toms will not work and will be ruined by all the red sand
  • wear sunscreen, luckily it was an overcast day when we were there, but it still got very hot
  • with that said also take something warm, when you reach the top there can be a bit (or a lot) of wind and should the mist come in that will also make it cooler
  • take enough water to last you a few hours
  • always let people know that you will be doing a hike so that should you get lost or injured they know where to find you, there is no signal at the top of the mountain but further down there is so save the emergency numbers on your cell

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Happy Hiking!