DIY X-stitch

in Life & Thoughts
We had a new member join our team here at Quickonline the other day and decided that we wanted to do something different to the usual ‘after work drinks’ to welcome him. We enlisted the creative powers of Lauren Fowler, illustrator, graphic designer and thing maker!

She showed us some of her beautiful work, which you can buy here and taught us how to cross-stitch – I know I know, that doesn’t sound very “hip” but it was truly so much fun! She had created a patten of a fox for each of us and then provided us with thread and a quick 5min how-to instruction and we were off!

Rachael and I got the hang of it much quicker than the boys – think it must’ve been those long forgotten hours spent in needlework class that came back to us! I only got around to finishing off my cross-stitch yesterday and must say I am quite chuffed with myself and definitely want to make more!