Dirty Dancing at the Artscape

in Concert Club

My mom got me and her friend tickets to the opening night of Dirty Dancing, The Classic Story on Stage. Oh my goodness! This was probably one of the best theater productions I have ever seen, and I have grown up in the theater and seen most of the big shows. The casting was spot on, their dancing was on another level, the music perfection, the whole stage production, props and layout – amazing! The show is incredibly true to the movie, almost using the script exactly as in the film.

We had the most fabulous time singing along and later jumping up and dancing with everyone there – there was a wonderful energy in the auditorium! It was funny to note the kind of people that attended to show, the majority mom and daughters and girlfriends, with a few sullen husbands and boyfriends being dragged along!

The show was performed at the Artscape Theatre Center in Cape Town, opened in 1971, my favourite part of this old building are the huge and impressive chandeliers that hang from the roof in the foyer – breathtaking.

Please excuse that I had to steal some of the exterior images of the Artscape from here, here and here – thank you :-)