Coat & Badge

in Sip & Bite
Summer in London, I have never seen anything like it! It was a completely new and different country to the one I have visited so many times before – I absolutely loved it! Especially since Cape Town was having a particularly gloomy and dark winter.

So upon our arrival in London, we headed to Putney where we were staying and popped into a local pub for some much needed refreshments. The place is called the Coat & Badge and has a lovely big courtyard in the front where they do BBQs and you can sit under the clear skies and have a Pimms jug – which is exactly what we did ;-)

I had the lobster, crayfish and harissa mayonnaise sandwhich – need I say more!? Others enjoyed the caesar sandwhich, the burger, fish and more. The food was nice enough but not everyone was won over, the drinks, atmosphere and service was very good though and we did have a super fun time there.