Charles Bridge

in Adventure
As you may or may not know I love bridges – not sure where or why this happened but they fascinate me! So when I was informed that Prague has a stunning 600 year old pedestrian bridge that you can take to cross over from Old Town to the the castle, I was sold!

This bridge is so beautiful, we went walking on it during the day, but saw it at sunset and late at night and in all instances it is a sight to behold! There are about 30 baroque statues of saints placed all along it and very impressive gothic towers that guards it on either side.

The Charles Bridge was named after King Charles IV and took more than 50 years to build. As you walk along you will see many artists sketching and painting on the bridge and of course about a million tourists but there is plenty to see and photograph. I would say any trip to Prague would be incomplete without a visit to this bridge.