Bunga Bunga

in Sip & Bite
Bunga Bunga is an Englishman’s Italian bar, karaoke & pizzeria! Doesn’t that just sound too awesome for words? The most random combination of activities, but once you walk through the doors and into their world it all suddenly makes sense. There is nothing conventional about this place!

As you enter the bar you are surrounded with cool Italian memorabilia and a huge round bar with bartenders in Italian gondola outfits and hats serving cocktails named: 3 Tenors, Pavarotti’s Punch, SuperMario Monti, Fiat 500 and Tower of Pisa to name a few!

You then go through to the restaurant part where you order the most yummy cheesy pizza ever and eat to your heart’s delight! Every 15min they dim the restaurant lights, turn on the disco balls and play a vibrant Italian song at top volume – the entire staff, as in waiters, bartenders and kitchen staff then run out on the the dance floor in the bar area and proceed to have a mini 1 minute long dance party where they scream and shout and jump around and then just like that the music stops the lights go on and the evening continues – I cannot even begin to explain how much fun that is!

After dinner everyone goes back to the bar area where they have a live act performing and you can dance the night away! The whole evening was one big surprise after another and I enjoyed it more than I can express! I cannot wait to go again! Next time I want to try the Saturday brunch sitting which is apparently just as awesome!