Boere Sjiek

in Sip & Bite
Located in the middle of an industrial area stands an unimposing warehouse with the name Boere Sjiek on the front, this gives you no clue of the wonders that you will find inside. We arrived and was suspicious as to whether or not this will live up to our expectations as everyone had been going on and on about this place!

We open the door and our eyes were literally attacked by this visual feast. I am going to refrain from trying to explain what it is we saw and will rather let the pictures speak for themselves. A real girly paradise, from clothes, to decor, gifts, jewellery, art and so much more!

They also have a gorgeous coffee shop where you can have tea like Alice in Wonderland and try some of their delicious cakes. See the cake pictures below, I have never seen cakes that look so beautiful, like little works of art! We had tea and sampled some of their sweat treats – they do not disappoint! This is a great venue for a ladies lunch or tea party.