Blouberg – my home in Cape Town

in Adventure

This is the view I wake up to every morning – how lucky am I ?!

While back in South Africa, I will be staying with my mom in Blouberg until Robert and I have finalised our plans as to where we will be living. I love being home and all the comforts that come with it! First of all it’s amazing to see my mom every day, after being away for 6 months some quality time was definitely in order. I also love the stacked fridge and our lovely domestic goddess that cleans up after me, the free laundry service and of course having my animals with me!

The pictures above are of Table Mountain which is at the center of the city of Cape Town and the view from our house and my drive into work every morning. I have missed this view very much, the mountain looks different every day. In summer it truly is at it’s most magnificent! For all of you Texans planning a visit, you can even take the cable cart up to the top of Table Mountain – that view is ridiculous! Here are some pics from when Robert and I did it last year:

I also took this video down the beach from where we live just before I came to Dallas: