Blogs I Love

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People often ask me which blogs I read. I must admit I have quite an eclectic selection of blogs I visit frequently. They depend on my mood, if I’m traveling or the phase in my life I’m at.

For the last few years the below blogs have been pretty constant, I am very sure that you guys will enjoy it too! You can click on the image to take you through to the relevant website.

Below each screenshot I have given a brief overview of what the blog is about and why I like reading it. They are not in any order of priority. Hope you enjoy!


THE COOL HUNTER – I love this blog for innovating design and ideas


EMMA OSTERGREN – this is the personal blog of the model Emma and how she experiences the modeling world and starting her own business, very endearing.


LET’S TRAVEL SOMEWHERE – this is just the most beautiful travel photography, inspiration deluxe!


HONESTLY WTF – this is probably one of my all time favourite blogs! Best for all things beautiful and designed! They also have a great DIY section which I adore!


OLD LOVES – this site is such fun! All about past Hollywood romances, hookups and flings. I find it a very entertaining distraction.


FUNNY OR DIE – when I am in need of a laugh, comedy is just a click away with this website!


THE CONVERSATION – this is a new blog I discovered only last month and it has already inspired me unlike anything I have ever seen online! She interviews women on real women’s issues – I LOVE IT!


THE GLOBAL CRITIC – recently my bff started her own blog where she writes all about her best products and experiences! Definitely worth a read!


MISS MOSS – this is probably one of the blogs that I have been reading for the longest time, SA born graphic designer enlightens us with posts on photography, decor, design, music, fashion, art etc etc – a feast for the eyes!


E ONLINE – for a little fun and my daily dose of Tinsletown I love visiting this site, keeps me up to date on all the scandals and red carpet events, a guilty indulgence!


ANOTHER DAMN FOOD BLOG – recently back online after a year and a half hiatus one of the funniest food blogs are back! A witty and foul-mouthed remark on Cape Town restaurants and the people that go there! AMAZING!