in Adventure
I am prone to exaggeration, but I feel like it’s an understatement when I say that Babylonstoren is what I imagine The Garden Of Eden must have looked like – right in the center of the Cape Winelands.

I was completely unprepared for what I saw and how it would affect me, I knew it would be pretty flowers and stuff but this scale of flora simply blew my mind!

We had the most lovely tour guide and along with the farm dog “Doring” we toured the entire estate in 2 hours, it felt more like 20min as it was SO informative, educational and dare I saw spiritual. Our guide insisted and that we taste and touch everything the garden had to offer.

We snacked on kumquats, ran through the daisy fields, did yoga on the chamomile lawn, sniffed and tasted about 50 different herbs, patted the donkeys, chased some chickens as well as climb a few trees.

It was amazing to be surrounded by so much nature and to really feel like a part of it – Danielle and I had a magical, unforgettable experience here and I would recommend that every single person I know make it their mission to go on this tour.

You can also just walk around the gardens yourself but I think the tour just adds so much value.