2013 – A year in review

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Even the thought of starting to write this post has been a daunting task and perhaps why I left it till the last minute….the reason being that this year has probably been my hardest yet and the thought of rehashing or even picking ‘highlights” felt more of a chore than reliving fond memories.

However what suprised me was the in the midst of a lot of heartbreak and lonely times this year also brought some wonderful and special times…

I got a new car – whoooop! I started doing pottery which I discovered earlier this year and I just know that I will be doing this my whole life! I took some courses in philosophy and cooking and learned some cool things! I ate at some of the best restaurants and drank some amazing wines! I met the most fantastic people, wow have I been blessed in that regard!

My most important friend left my life, but in her absence I discovered such deep and meaningful friendships, the caliber of which I know will be lasting for decades to come. The woman and men who have shared their wisdom, hugged, messaged and sat with me through hours of grappling, self examination and tears are the people that I feel the most indebted to at the end of this year and I hope and pray that I will one day be able to come to their aid as they had for me.

I also feel so blessed to have had an awesome job that was the best distraction this year and being able to travel to London to celebrate my birthday! Since my return from Texas I have been back at home in order to save for a house of my own and hopefully that will be my first big accomplishment of 2014!

It has been great being with my mom and making up for the time we lost while I was traveling so much the past 3 years, also having my puppies and cat with me has enriched my life in ways that is probably not even considered normal – but wow has it made me happy!

In the first few months after my break up, sleeping alone was quite emotional and sad and my dog Rocco was my saving grace, loyally sleeping next to me and letting me cuddle him as much as I wanted :-) I am so grateful that I am now again in a happy place and optimistic about my future – there were times that I honestly thought I would never be back to my old self, and even though I am not the same person that I was at the beginning of this year I feel better off than I was – stronger, more sure of my boundaries and the people that I surround myself with.

I wish to everyone reading this that your 2014 will amaze you and bring you joy beyond that which you could ever comprehend!

HAPPY 2014!

Below are some pictures from highlights throughout this year and the people that contributed to it. I also included a music video of one of the most powerful songs that I listened to a lot this year and it brought me strength, especially the words: “But in the end, the only steps that matter are the ones you take all by yourself.”