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Sitting on a hill overlooking the beautiful city of Prague is the largest ancient castle in the world! Construction on Prague Castle started in the year 870 and it has been the seat of power for many kings and emperors …

Prague Castle

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As you may or may not know I love bridges – not sure where or why this happened but they fascinate me! So when I was informed that Prague has a stunning 600 year old pedestrian bridge that you can …

Charles Bridge

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This was my first visit to the magical city of Prague, showing off its best side for summer no doubt – it set the scene for what was to be the most wonderful few days.…

Prague – Old Town Square

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Ok so for the last time, apologies these posts are so behind schedule, but better late than never ;-). So on my visit to London last year we went to this lovely Italian restaurant in Wandsworth/Putney, right on the river …

Marco Polo Italian Restaurant & Delicatessen

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Conveniently situated just down the road where we stayed, was a restaurant called Bill’s. They have restaurants all over England and we were very lucky to have one so close to us. You can sit down and have a meal or simply pop in for drinks and they have a huge variety of things they sell as well. (more…)


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WOW one of my best London discoveries to date. Being South African I am all about the meat and can truly appreciate a good medium to rare steak! My mom and I met up with my brother in London, in …

Steak & Co

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This is a champagne bar, yes you read correctly – this is a bar straight from heaven for us to enjoy as much champagne as we want! Happiness.com!…

Amuse Bouche

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Summer in London, I have never seen anything like it! It was a completely new and different country to the one I have visited so many times before – I absolutely loved it! Especially since Cape Town was having a …

Coat & Badge

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YAY I am finally back from my European holiday and another maddening 2 months of craziness has flown past – but not to worry I have so many awesome new places and sights to share and will be starting with that TODAY! Whoop!


The last 2 or so months of my life has been filled with enough change to last any normal person a lifetime, but hey why do one thing when you can do 10 right!?! ha ha! Well that has pretty …

Onwards and Upwards

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I am a big fan of the high tea tradition, mostly because I think tea is like a liquid hug and truly makes me inappropriately happy and also because it is usually accompanied with copious amounts of cake!…

High Tea at the Jaj Hotel

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One of my best friends whom I haven’t seen this year very sweetly insisted on spoiling me for lunch and took me to Koi Restaurant. I knew about their recent launch and had heard that their sushi was amazing …

KOI restaurant

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Bistrot Bizerca has had Cape Town buzzing for months now but I have taken forever to finally go there!

The reviews I had read on this place were quite mixed, most praising the food and general ambience however some said …

Bistrot Bizerca

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In recent years I have started taking an interest in wine, enjoying wine tastings and especially food and wine pairings.

Myself and my best friend Katherine was in Hemel-En-Aarde Valley last month for a wedding and took this opportunity to …

Creation Wines

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I was visiting some friends in Stellenbosch the other day and we decided to ‘be cultured’ for the day and do some exploring of the historical sites in the area. The best place for that is no doubt the Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch Village Museum

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